Financial translation

Financial translation by a Chartered Certified Accountant

Due to the confidential nature of these documents at the time of translation, unfortunately, no samples can be provided

Expert financial translation presents your financial strength to a wider audience.

The aim of publishing your financial statements is to demonstrate your financial strength to actual or potential business partners.

Publishing an English language version (whether under IFRS or HGB) enables you to reach more possible partners.

Translation experience:

– Directors Reports
– Auditors’ Reports
– Sustainability Reports
– Reviews of the year
– Balance Sheets
– Profit & Loss Accounts
– Statements of Cash Flows
– Notes to the Accounts
– Summary Due Diligence Reports
– Salary slips
– Bank statements

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Natasha Higman

Natasha trained and qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant with KPMG in London, Frankfurt and Zurich.
During and after her training she worked in the audit, transaction services, corporate finance and advisory functions within the firm.

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