Editing & Proofreading

English editing by a native speaker

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Publishing badly written text is like shooting yourself in the foot. Only that Germans shoot themselves in the knee. Editing by a native speaker means the correct grammar, spelling and idioms can turn your text from “Good to Great”.

Whether financial statements, sales contracts, customer letters explaining complex legislative changes, marketing texts for consultants, insurers and fashion houses or regular articles about cats and feline health. All of these types of text have been edited or proofread by Natasha.

Every text deserves to be correct when published.

Editing/proofreading experience

– Annual reports
– Auditor’s reports
– Sustainability reports
– Balance Sheets
– Profit and Loss accounts
– Statements of Cash Flows
– Notes to the accounts
– Newsletters
– Blog articles
– Websites

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Natasha Higman

Always with her nose in a book, coupled with curiosity about language roots led to a deep knowledge of expressions, idioms and spelling.

Communication takes place despite errors. Trust is only built with flawless presentation.

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