Eine wundervolle Arbeit, wobei ich bei manchen Fachwörtern schlichtweg ausgestiegen bin

Jürgen Mühling – Tandem Examiner Konferenz, Deutscher Fallschirmsport Verband e.V.

Nach vielen Jahren herumwurschtelei, haben wir endlich einen Fragenkatalog, damit unsere internationalen Schüler eine Lizenz erwerben können.

Nicole Haditsch – Vize Präsidentin Ausbildung, Deutscher Fallschirmsport Verband e.V.
Website, newsletters, articles

We are an international company based in Poland selling our products across Europe. A multilingual internet presence is therefore very important to us.

Natasha helps create content for our site and online store and edits our articles and texts in English including incorporating SEO keywords so that they can be easily found. Because she is a translator too, she edits the English so that it is not just easy to read, but also easier to translate.

We have been working together for over 2 years now and are very happy with the way she works with us, adopting the tools we prefer and always giving us a reliable estimate of when the work will be ready.

Agnieszka Sobczynska, co-founder 3coty